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Specialist pharmaceutical development consultancy for paediatric medicines

What we do

Jenny Walsh Consulting Ltd is based in BioCity Nottingham, UK and offers specialist pharmaceutical consultancy support, with a focus on paediatric product development, from early phase prototypes to products for marketing.

Regulations in both Europe and the USA mandate the development of paediatric medicines for new products and incentives are in place for the development of off-patent (generic) paediatric products. The formulation of medicines for children can be particularly challenging due to the diverse patient population and the need to consider patient acceptability, dose and the safety of both excipients and the API.

We work closely with clients in a flexible manner to assist them with their paediatric formulation programmes, to enable them to meet their business needs, patient requirements and regulatory obligations, as efficiently as possible. We also offer support to adult product development projects.

Our services include

Why choose Jenny Walsh Consulting Ltd

  • Extensive experience and recognised expertise in paediatric product development
  • Facilitates efficiencies and best practice
  • Enables compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Expedites the development of products that meet paediatric patient needs

Company Director Jenny Walsh is a PhD pharmacist with over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries (Glaxo SmithKline, Napp Research Centre, The Boots Company, Reckitt Benckiser, AstraZeneca) where she has held a variety of roles within Pharmaceutical Development and Medical Affairs.

Jenny has recognised expertise in paediatric product development; she has actively contributed to over 40 global paediatric development projects, including PIPs and PSPs and been responsible for the design and implementation of a paediatric medicine development process for a global pharmaceutical company. She is also a subject matter expert of the European Paediatric Formulation Initiative and has presented at conferences and authored publications.

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • General Pharmaceutical Council
  • The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • European Paediatric Formulation Initiative
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group

Recent Publications 

  • Age-appropriate solid oral formulations for pediatric applications with a focus on multiparticulates and minitablets: Summary of September 2019 EuPFI workshop. Eur J Pharm Biopharm (2020)
  • Pharmacology of enalapril in children: a review. Drug Discov Today (2020)
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  • Orodispersible minitablets of enalapril for use in children with heart failure (LENA): Rationale and protocol for a multicentre pharmacokinetic bridging study and follow-up safety study. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communication (2019) 15: 1000393
  • Pharmacotherapeutic management of paediatric heart failure and ACE-I use patterns: a European survey. BMJ Paediatrics Open (2019) 3(1): e000365
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